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High Precision 3d Wax Printing - Rapid Prototyping Service


We Convert your CAD Designs into castable 3D Wax Models!

We provide 3D Wax Printing Service. Our 3d Wax Prototyping Machines can produce smooth surface wax models / wax patterns of jewelry, figurines, action figures, miniature parts, dental parts, medical instruments and devices, mechanical parts, collectables, and much more. 

3d wax printing is also known as Rapid Prototyping and Wax Growing.  3d wax printers digitally produce patterns of build and support wax material for lost-wax casting /  investment casting. The 3d wax models printed can be used in direct casting.

Our ProJet CPX 3000 Printing
Promotional Rates begin as low as
$10.00 a piece.

Price Breakdown is by Size for each piece to be printed:

0-9mm - $10.00
10-15mm - $15.00
16-24mm - $25.00
25mm and over - $2.00/hr


Promotional Rates
begin as low as
$5.00 / per hour


We are located in the historical jewelry district of Downtown Los Angeles.

If you would like a price quote on your designs for printing, please e-mail your .STL file to info@3dwaxprinting.com.  

If you are a New Customer, you MUST Contact our office directly at (213) 623-5577 for any questions or quotes. 

All prices and offers listed on this website are promotions.  Promotions will end on 12-31-2011.

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You may also visit us at www.thejewelryartstudio.com for more information about our company and 3D CAD Design Services.


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